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By lena

6 tipps how to create a innovative social media campaign

On 11, Okt 2015 | In SOCIAL MEDIA | By lena

Social Media is dead, marketing doesnt metter anymore?
I think we haven´t even started to use the full potential of those tools.

Here are 6 tipps how to create a innovative marketing campaign:

  1. Start to think about the feeling and reaction you want to get from your target group. Write it down and find a way to get there.
  2. Delete all ideas which are´nt supporting your campaign goal 100%, even if you may think the idea is amazing. Maybe they are, keep them for later and focus again on your main campaign target.
  3. Don´t search for best cases of campaigns others did before and compare your ideas with them.
  4. Create a vision of your campaign without thinking about technical possibilities. Almost everything is possible and you will find a way to make it happen.
  5. Keep it simple. Don´t make your campaign too complicated. Action and reaction are following very simple rules.
    Smile and the world will smile back, Tell a good story and people will listen…
  6. Make sure your campaign is „social“. Use the reaction of your action, turn it into a action other people can react on…