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By lena

Comeback: Podcast

On 11, Sep 2015 | In SOCIAL MEDIA | By lena

Did you know that Podcast are an upcoming Social Media Content Channel? And Have you ever thought about Podcast in your Social Media Strategy? No? Please continue reading! Facts first:

Only 6% of marketers in 2014 involved Podcast into their Social Media Strategy, but 22% are planning to create Audio content. (25% b2b marketers, 19% b2c marketers.)


Especially since Apple introduced us to CarPlay, an in-car feature which allows us to listen to Podcast trough the Car Dashboard. What else can you do in your car? Writing posts and messages or reading content on the topic while we driving. Podcast is a unique way to consume content while driving and almost all companies have something to tell their clients, so why not give them the chance to consume it when they have nothing else to do? Audio content only compares to phone calls, but not to other content sources.

Audio-content is an easy way to create content.

Text is not clients favorite content source anymore and videos are very time and cost intensive to produce. Creating a podcast doesn’t need to pay attention on the outfit, makeup and gestures you need to take care when you creating a video. And compared to a simple written text, you can place more emotions than emoticons will provide. It’s just about the voice and the art of picturing things only with words.

The only question is if your product or service you want to talk about allows you to communicate without any pictures. Most of the service and products do.

You are unsure if your target group will use the „new“ content source? Try it. Write a text and link to the podcast at the beginning of it. You will learn quite quickly what your audience prefer.

The only negative part of a podcast when your audience is listening to it in the car, is the sharing opportunities at the end. I’m not sure if Siri will understand how to share the podcast we just heard on facebook or Twitter..

Anyhow this blog article is being written to give you inspiration about an upcoming channel which can provide your company and your audience with a real benefit by using it.

You’re already using Podcasts in your Social Media Strategy? Share your experiences with us in the comment below and you can share which Tools are the best to record them?

Thanks for reading!
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